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Sharing Mindanao culture with youth in our community pidccarson pakaraguiankulintangensemble.

FilAmFest San Diego, Save the date! Thank you FPAC filamartsla for bridging people together Fpac26 fpacofficial inkanor thank you for everyone who came down and support mabuhay skull ninuno sacredgeometry mandala visualmedicine pakaraguiankulintangensemble playedbyear. Echo Park. I want to acknowledge the following: eleanorlipat — Eleanor thank you so much for taking care of the program logistics. Keep up the good work sevreyes — Sev, your dedication to pke from coast to coast is deeply appreciated.

Believe me you are doing your best!! Special recognition to fpacofficial and fil-am arts for inviting us to perform and malayadanceco as an accessible resource to learn rooted dances from the homeland, rayprofet for being one of our biggest supporters, and samahandance for giving us the opportunity to learn kulintang music Sanguibo Salamat sa inyong lahat fpac26 pakaraguiankulintangensemble.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Representing my roots Gongster's Paradise pakaraguiankulintangensemble samahandancecompany.

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Gongsters Paradise was a huge success! Congrats to pakaraguiankulintangensemble on our first Bay Area gig, and to all those who participated, on a job well done. Mapia Mapita!

Well known places, streets and travel destinations

Guro Danny your legacy lives on : kulintang. Kulintangan and pangalay workshop done!! California State University, Dominguez Hills. It's okay!

We'll be introducing more next semester! Echo Park Lake.

#fpac26 medias

This is the Shaman's dance. The Velaslavasay Panorama. They were fantastic! So lucky to have them perform and make the drive from San Diego! Admiral Baker Park. Moments of Elation. Reminiscing about the wonderful experience this weekend Hopefully this is one of many more to come We are so grateful for their work and what they will be sharing with our community. Mary Talusan Lacanle for registration. FPAC25 was amazing pakaraguiankulintangensemble closed it out beautifully!

The present issue for the Law Gazette is but a product of hard work and dedication. Being the EIC personally is a challenge I must assume.

Images and Stories tagged with #fpac26 on instagram

I consider the fact that I will be facing hardship that the task entails me to gamble and made my sacrifices. I accepted the challenge whole-heartedly. I started by gathering all the writers in the college whom I know shared the same advocacy that I have. The start was not that easy because 1. The Law Gazette was left with only few writers to work because many have graduated 2. Internal struggle in the LSG which did not allow the release of the funds immediately.

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I am also thankful to Atty. Maki Datu-Ramos, our adviser, for always being active and candid with his indulgence in the scrutiny of our articles, for his suggestions and support.