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She replies that she wasn't going to return, but something changed her mind. After a moment of silence between the two, they share a true love's kiss. The magic starts to turn him back into an ordinary man shown through a change in the pallor of his skin , but he becomes furious and breaks off the kiss, accusing Belle of conspiring with the Evil Queen to rob him of his powers.

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Rumplestiltskin rages that no one will ever love him, and the Evil Queen will never be able to take away his power. He throws Belle in his dungeon and begins destroying all of his breakable possessions, but even in his anger he cannot bring himself to destroy the chipped teacup. Finally, he orders Belle to leave his castle, claiming that his magic is more important to him than she is.

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Belle refuses to believe this and admonishes him for being too cowardly to believe that she can love him. She warns him that he will regret his actions, and all he'll have is an empty heart - and a chipped cup. A month later, the Evil Queen pays a visit to the Dark Castle.

Rumplestiltskin informs her that her deception with Belle failed, and that the Evil Queen will never be more powerful than him. The Evil Queen counters that she had nothing to do with Belle's actions although she prodded her into trying true love's kiss, Belle's feelings for him were genuine. She then lies to him that upon Belle's return home, she was shunned by her village for her association with Rumplestiltskin and Gaston's disappearance which is Rumplestiltskin's fault.

According to the Evil Queen, Belle was subsequently imprisoned and tortured by her father, leading her to commit suicide by jumping from her tower prison. Rumplestiltskin is devastated, and the loss leads him to remove a treasured gold chalice from its display pedestal, replacing it with the chipped cup. He mourns his loss upon the Evil Queen's departure. In the present day, Mr.

Critic Reviews for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Metacritic

Ashley Jessy Schram arrives with her baby, noting how rarely she gets a babysitter or sees her boyfriend, Sean Tim Phillipps. Ruby Meghan Ory suggests a girl's night out. Emma investigates a robbery at Mr. Gold's mansion. Gold claims to know that Moe is responsible. Following this lead, Emma recovers the majority of Mr.

Gold's items, but one unspecified item is missing and Gold will stop at nothing until it is recovered. When Emma takes too long for his taste, Gold takes matters into his own hands. He kidnaps Moe, ties him up in an abandoned shack on the edge of town, and beats him up, demanding where the missing object is and who told the florist to take it.

However, his rant about the theft soon devolves into simply "she's gone" referring to Belle, whose "suicide" Gold blames Moe for , until Emma arrives to stop him. Gold believes Regina Lana Parrilla put Moe up to the theft, and that she knows where the last stolen item is. Emma has to arrest Mr. Gold for assault. In a Storybrooke bar, at their girls' night out, Ruby is trying to convince Ashley to find another guy since Sean is always working. Ashley tells Mary Margaret that all she wants is to be with Sean. Mary Margaret understands, since her own romantic arrangement is not ideal. Sean shows up, on a break between work shifts, and proposes to Ashley; she eagerly accepts and they go out for a drive together.

David shows up next to give Mary Margaret her Valentine's Day card, but mistakenly gives her Kathryn's. Mary Margaret says she thought if two people were meant to be together they would find a way, but maybe she and David need another way. She tells him he should probably go home. At the sheriff's office, Mr. Gold reminds Emma about the favor she owes him, but unexpectedly does not use it to request his freedom. Regina shows up and tells Emma that she can see Henry for 30 minutes if Emma will allow her to pay a private visit to Mr. Gold during that time.

Once alone, Gold asks Regina if she has what he wants and she claims she does. Regina put Moe up to the robbery in order to find out if Mr. Gold retains his Enchanted Forest memories. After some prodding, he admits that his true name is Rumpelstiltskin and addresses Regina as "Your Majesty," confirming that both are aware of their former fairy-tale identities. Regina returns the chipped cup to Mr.

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Gold as part, then makes a visit to the hospital. We see an unmarked cell in the underground psychiatric ward that holds Belle, who did not commit suicide in the Enchanted Forest as the Evil Queen claimed, but is in fact being held prisoner by Regina in the hospital's mental ward. Espenson said that this was one of their most love-centered episodes; when they realized it was going to be airing near Valentine's Day , they decided to "lean into" this theme.

It was initially meant to center on Rumpelstiltskin choosing power over love. However, as Espenson went through drafts and discussed them with others, she decided that Rumpelstiltskin might think he is choosing power over love, but in reality his actions are motivated by a belief that he is worthy of love at all. Despite this, she sought to trim down more time from the Storybrooke scenes and "preserve as much as we could of the fairy tale side," as the Belle-Rumpelstiltskin relationship was a love story that needed time to grow in order to be believable.

De Ravin was a fan of the series before being cast [5] and was happy to be able to view the costumes up close, describing her character's gold dress as "absolutely stunning.

Once Upon a Time... Scientific short stories

There are multiple references made to Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The chipped tea cup that Belle accidentally drops is a reference to the boy-transformed-teacup Chip from the animated film. French's flower shop is called "Game of Thorns," a reference to Game of Thrones , a popular fantasy show and book series. The name and a logo can be seen on the side of his van at the start of the episode.

Ratings and viewership for "Skin Deep" were down from the last episode.

Revisionist history

It had an rating of 3. Amy Ratcliffe, writing for IGN , rated the episode with an 8 out of She expressed her love of Robert Carlyle, opining that "I especially liked him in the episode.

Revisionist history

For what Manson and his crew did was lay bare the mayhem that the hippie movement represented to a kind of conservative America. Yet in many ways, this is the most modern and realized of his films, a culmination of all the various pastiches to form a love letter to the past and a speculative fiction of what could have been. Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood is a beautiful, brash rumination on the grime and beauty that Hollywood both represents and the real world effects of its mythmaking.

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