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Computer simulations of tumours could help doctors to choose the most effective approach to treatment. A flood of sequencing data is enabling researchers to uncover how tumours differ from each other, and what such variation means for treatment strategies. Brain tumours in children differ fundamentally from those in adults — a discovery with enormous implications for treatment strategies. From lasers to electrical fields, clinicians are venturing off the beaten path to outflank a formidable foe. At Novocure, we are very proud of our ongoing commitment and dedication to improving the lives of people with brain cancer.

Lethality in combat - Life Matters - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Our patients, their families and caregivers are at the heart of everything we do. We invited one of our many glioblastoma patients to tell us about his own journey from diagnosis to treatment with TTFields. In his own words, the following inspirational story was provided by Brian Biggs of his own experience of living with this devastating disease. Research on the blood—brain barrier BBB has led to the concept of a complex, dynamic interface between the central nervous system CNS and periphery. Banks considers how this new understanding can combine with classical concepts to inform CNS drug delivery strategies and promote BBB integrity in various diseases.

This Opinion argues for a new look at the role of ABC transporters in cancer multidrug resistance to push forward their clinical application as biomarkers and as targets in combination therapies in order to improve anticancer drug efficiency. Perspective 11 Apr Nature Reviews Cancer. Here the authors present a human pluripotent stem cell-derived three-dimensional organoid culture system that is able to recapitulate several aspects of human brain development in addition to modelling the brain disorder microcephaly, which has been difficult to achieve using mouse models.

Article 28 Aug Nature. Glioblastoma is a disease associated with a dismal patient prognosis, necessitating the development of novel therapies. Substantial research effort is being devoted to the development of immunotherapies for glioblastoma. Herein, the rationale and promise for this approach are discussed, together with the challenges and how they might be overcome.

Surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for patients with gliomas, independent of tumour grade, and maximal resection of the tumour is essential for long-term disease control.

Herein, the authors discuss the current evidence on associations between the extent of glioma resection and clinical outcomes. They also describe the state-of-the-art surgical oncology approaches aimed at maximizing the extent of tumour resection while minimizing patient morbidity.

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Few therapeutic options are currently available for patients with glioblastoma, which are associated with a poor prognosis. Therapies with monoclonal antibodies, alone or linked to cytotoxic payloads, are currently being explored in these patients.

Reporter's Notebook

Herein, the authors summarize therapeutic strategies based on antibody—drug conjugates ADCs , targeted against EGFR, and discuss key aspects such as the blood—brain barrier, resistance mechanisms, and the development of specific biomarkers. In , a revised WHO classification of glioma was published, in which molecular data and traditional histological information are incorporated into integrated diagnoses. Herein, the authors highlight the developments in our understanding of the molecular genetics of gliomas that underlie this classification, and review the current landscape of molecular biomarkers used in the classification of disease subtypes.

In addition, they discuss how these advances can promote the development of novel pathogenesis-based therapeutic approaches, paving the way to precision medicine. Many of the molecular pathways that are aberrant in brain tumours result in reprogramming of metabolism, which creates opportunities for in vivo metabolic imaging to improve diagnosis, patient stratification, and disease monitoring. Herein, the molecular basis and strategies for non-invasive metabolic imaging of brain tumours are reviewed. Lethal pediatric tumors bearing a particular histone H3 mutation upregulate the disialoganglioside GD2, thereby making these tumors susceptible to chimeric antigen receptor T cell—based immunotherapy.

Letter 16 Apr Nature Medicine. An in vivo RNA interference screening strategy in glioblastoma enabled the identification of a host of epigenetic targets required for glioblastoma cell survival that were not identified by parallel standard screening in cell culture, including the transcription pause—release factor JMJD6, and could be a powerful tool to uncover new therapeutic targets in cancer. Letter 5 Jul Nature.

The results of in vitro and in vivo screens to identify genes that are essential for the survival of a type of brain cancer show almost no overlap, underlining the need for caution when interpreting in vitro studies. See Letter p Microenvironmental pressures in glioblastoma select for glioma stem cells GSCs subpopulations that are maintained through preferential activation of BMI1 and EZH2 in different niches. Given the high degree of intratumor heterogeneity, combined pharmacological inhibition of Polycomb repressive complexes targets proneural and mesenchynmal GSCs and expands lifespan in mice, warranting the therapeutic evaluation of this approach in patients with glioblastoma.

The AR is a civilian version of the M The AR is not more lethal and is in fact a poor choice for defense or hunting. Las Vegas shooter fired over rounds with 57 deaths shows how poor a killing machine it really is. As someone with a lifelong liberal orientation but who has also spent a lifetime in and around firearms, your article is worthy of Fox news.

Will There Be a Ban on Killer Robots?

In addition, what lethality the round had originally has been discarded in favor of accuracy by increasing the rifling twist and hyper stabilizing the projectile. But most of all, modern tactics which drove the adoption of the AR and other modern assault weapons was the understanding and belief that wounding the enemy was more effective than killing him.

ARs are popular because the kool kids like them and they make cowards feel powerful. They are used for that reason, not because they are more lethal or even more effective. More than happy to have an intelligent conversion about this because until the left can speak with at least a modicum of accuracy about weapons, the right is never going to listen to or trust any gun control efforts and because the laws are written by people who mistake appearance for reality, gun control laws are rarely effective.

In addition, I worked on liberal campaigns from Gary Hart to Bernie Sanders and am not a right wing nut. My only reply for now is: read the article and decide for yourself its level of accuracy about firearms. You, and every other Hollywood sensation are actually making us safer spreading this bull about the lethality of the AR 15, and we salute your for this misinformation campaign. Some day one of those criminals is going to do a shoot up with hunting ammo and then the media will be awakened and horrified.

But it is amazing how this lethality myth works on so many people in America. I guess they are mostly urban dwelling experts on guns or have served in the army and want to celebrate the authority that gave them, big guns and all. I have met plenty of Canadian army people who are in that same league. And when a 16 yr old kid starts hunting deer he better have learned that an AR 15, shooting. Our hunting regulations have prohibited. There are tons of AK style rifles kicking around and they are cheap, robust, and more lethal at close range than a AR Most Vietnam Vets would know the AKs are more lethal than an M at close range due to its bigger penetrating bullet.

He could also tell you that ordinary Winchester hunting ammo is too potent and will destroy some of those old Soviet and Chinese guns….

1. Traditionalists and Revisionists

The basic deer gun around here is a 7. These calibres and ammo are expected to kill a lb game animal swiftly in a single impact…. If a wacko shooter ever uses one of these ordinary hunting rifles every person hit will be dead and so will the two people standing behind them. Lets hope the wackos were never competent hunters. Lets keep them mis-informed.

An impeachment of President Donald Trump is both deserved and dangerous. The danger is getting lost in the rush of events. The process will almost certainly end with Trump acquitted, and acquitted in a reelection year. Meanwhile, impeachment is likely to do Trump less and less political harm the longer it lasts. As the Trump presidency daily proves, people can get used to anything. This latest Trump scandal led to an impeachment inquiry because it happened so fast —the shock was still fresh.

Then they blurred into the avalanche of Trump awfulness. Trump is protected by the sheer number of his high crimes and misdemeanors. He will certainly commit more, and then these latest risk being buried. The whistle-blower scandal that has prompted the fourth presidential impeachment process in American history has put a spectacle from earlier this decade back on display: the jaw-smacking feast of scavengers who circled around Ukraine as Viktor Yanukovych, a Moscow-linked kleptocrat, was driven from power. The renewed focus on Ukraine raises jangling questions: How did dealing in influence to burnish the fortunes of repugnant world leaders for large payoffs become a business model?

The Framers underestimated the extent to which a demagogue might convince his supporters that the president and the people are one and the same. The policy of deliberate child torture was insufficient. But when the president attempted to use his authority to extort a foreign leader into implicating one of his political rivals, a former vice president and longtime Democratic senator, in criminal activity, the leadership of the Democratic Party seemed to suddenly recognize what it was facing. If Trump could do this to Joe Biden, after all, he could do it to any of them.

Her Instagram account reads like Brideshead Revisited meets Twilight meets Vanity Fair magazine circa , when greed was good and having money was a golden superpower.

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Let us begin with the 45 servings of eggplant salad made in the tiny kitchen of a studio apartment in Greenwich Village, transported to a Brooklyn loft, and served as a homemade lunch to ticketed guests. It was so tasty that many people asked for—and were generously given, at no extra cost—second helpings. If you are running a short con that involves driving eggplant salad to another borough, you might as well find honest work, because you lack the grifter mentality. The majority of her followers are young white women, a demographic not underrepresented in the world of media, and so—improbably enough—this micro-event was covered just about everywhere, including in The New York Times, The Washington Post , NBC, you name it.

It will allways afford me pleasure I assure you, to hear from you. The idea of American exceptionalism has become so dubious that much of its modern usage is merely sarcastic.

But when it comes to religion, Americans really are exceptional. No rich country prays nearly as much as the U. S, and no country that prays as much as the U. In the late 19th century, an array of celebrity philosophers—the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, and Sigmund Freud— proclaimed the death of God, and predicted that atheism would follow scientific discovery and modernity in the West, sure as smoke follows fire. The musician wrote his new book, To Feel the Music , the same way he makes records—according to a highly evolved aesthetic of half-assedness.

Neil Young is a musical colossus, a modern father of the American imagination, and—at 73—still an unbelievable guitar player.

Agent Orange

Electricity pours through him, coming out of his instrument in sheared-off melodies and gerontic thrusts of noise. His great songs are life-altering. But he writes weird books, and this is another one. Deliriously boring in parts.