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  5. Dark Times: The Path to Nowhere

Sadly, the writing here goes from bad to abysmal, and the performances get dragged down with it. The problem is that Larry is a jerk too, the kind of troll who goes beyond standard, bad social behavior and becomes actually abusive and dangerous. The first episode of Into the Dark has one of the best premises of the entire series but never quite figures out what to do with it.

It also had the blessing of being able to use Halloween as its holiday setting. In this one, Tom Bateman plays a suave hit man who has to dispose of a body quickly. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Editor’s Picks: Design

Tonally inconsistent and with a flat central performance, this one only comes to life when Aurora Perrineau pops up in the supporting cast. Otherwise, just watch the short. The best overall ensemble in the history of Into the Dark makes the relative failure of this installment that much more disappointing. Simpson is excellent as a celebrity chef who has had a history of bullying and aggressive behavior. Like a lot of Into the Dark , it pulls its punches, ending up more of an interesting miss than it should have been. In the wake of the MeToo movement, it feels like this story of the resurrection of Lilith to destroy a group of hypocritical fathers should have more teeth and rely less on jump scares for most of its run time.

Jahkara Smith NOS4A2 stars as Shay, a teenager who has just discovered her biological father after the death of her mother. Grief drama, supernatural thriller, and home-invasion-flick tropes are tossed in a blender in this mildly effective episode that would have been something special at about an hour but stretches a little thin at 85 minutes.

And then things get really weird.

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One child with cancer is too many. Thank you all for making the first Neon Night a tremendous success!

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See you next year. Eighteen-year-old Aspyn Carroll of Pembroke was the honourary survivor for this inaugural run, which took place one year to the day after she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia also called ALL or acute lymphocytic leukemia , a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

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Aspyn said she is still in maintenance therapy recovering from her treatments so she could not take part in the actual run, but she would be cheering from the sidelines. Surrounded by her friends and family, Aspyn exuded positivity throughout the evening and never stopped smiling. Where do people get stuck and spend a lot of time? Where do people jump back and forth between options before selecting one? Where do people spend a lot of time — could they be lost instead of fascinated? Interested in dark design patterns?

Finding God’s Path in a Dark Season by Ken & Alison Davidson –

Want to learn some Jedi tricks to identify and combat them? Here are a few links from the experts to get you started.

Encountered or used any dark patterns of your own? Please share your wisdom with our padawan learners, comment below! Sign in. Get started.

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UX Collective. Fear is the Path to the Dark Side — how to keep dark patterns out of good products. Caitria O'Neill Follow. UX Collective We believe designers are thinkers as much as they are makers. Research, design, and occasional short fiction.

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Dark Times: The Path to Nowhere

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