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Even nonfiction books on BDSM got the treatment. Whip Smart, Melissa Febos St. And even another book that has the title Whip Smart, a historical by Kit Brennan based on the real-life adventures of Lola Montez, tried to cash in on the trend even though I think it may have missed its actual audience as a result…?

It is , London, and the gorgeous, ever-capricious twenty-two year old Eliza Gilbert, aka Lola Montez is in deep trouble and seeks escape from a divorce trial. But in the end, the cover designer went for the sensuous and suggestive pearl necklace. I loved this immediately because with its blue-gray color and focus on the twist, to me it was so very clearly a reaction to the iconic 50 Shades. I knew the book would be read by many people who had read 50 Shades first, and it would inevitably be compared.

So I liked how the pearl necklace besides being a kind of visual evocation of the sex slang term was a direct analog to the tie on the cover of 50 Shades, but making a statement that this book is the female empowerment version. The Slow Surrender cover was quickly circulated.

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I posted it on my own blog right away and it had appeared on Amazon and the other sites by early October. Slow Surrender was released in ebook in January , over a year ago. Some were also from my publisher. And then I started to see other female jewelry appearing, diamonds, charms, etc. A whole new milieu in cover design was launched. I was one huge ball of emotion from start to end.

My review. Buy Link. How they clawed their way to each other despite the odds. I want to read everything she writes.

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So witty, so sexy but also, so so real. And that takes talent. Like I said, a very refreshing author voice. Stay Until We Break — Everyone needs to read book! It needs to top that NYT list because it is so very deserving. The best one in the series yet!

This for That: The Edge of Retaliation – Review

By the end of the book my heart went THUD. I was blindsided by some things, sure. But most of them were not new things. Yet… the storytelling. In the end I thought, wow, brilliant. NB: This is the third book in a series.

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Jewel E. Ann definitely struck gold with this story. From Joey W. I read about 7 books in a row. The writing is poetic, just draws you in. Some words too sweet yet they still feel right. The world building just keeps getting better and better. And my biggest discovery of the year: Sarah J. A Court of Mist and Fury — Wow, hands down favorite book of ! And the best thing about it? Infinity stars!

Billionaire Encounter 4 BDSM Bondage Menage Romance

And now to my other favorite genre: Dark Erotica!!! Two authors stood out for me: Nina G. Jones —. Take Me With You — What a book! Once you enter their dark depraved world, you become involved in their destiny. You root for the monster, you empathize even as his depravity sickens you. It flowed. It was beautiful and it was witty. The thing with serials is that most of the time you read them one by one with some weeks going in between the next release.

This for That: The Edge of Retaliation - Review - Behind Closed Doors Book Review

The biggest problem for me as a reader and as a reviewer is having to remember where I left off. This was the first time I read a full collection of serials all at once. My biggest worry then became that I would notice the disconnect. That the author would veer off the plot between one serial and the next, or forget a crucial detail and leave it unresolved, but not this author. It read as a complete novel. And that, I commend Callie Hart for. That she also tied in those lose ends, that she excited me from begin to end. But even more than that, definitely top two of my favorite books ever.

I read it in two weeks while I normally read a book in 3 days max. And while I put it down, it never left my mind. I had discussions with my husband about this book. With my friends. With myself. Thought provoking and perfect. And finally, my two go to authors. Megan Hart who has penned two of my favorite books of all time — she just knows how to write Erotica. Beg For It — Man, the sex scenes in this one! I mean, its Megan Hart, so the writing was beautiful and the characters are everything, but I have to start with the sex scenes because wow!

But books where the man is the submissive are so few. It has to be well done for me to love it. I love Alpha males so for me to be turned on by a male sub takes some time. This one was perfect. The first scene and I was lost — hot hot hot. I not only love her stories, I love the way she tells them. The way they draw you in slowly… the way you understand why they fall for each other. And the writing. God the writing was so beautiful!

What a book! A prowler is on the loose. A peeping Tom who has moved beyond just watching. He has started taking. I flourish in the darkness. And for me, is the quietest time of the night. Until he sees Vesper. Vesper is beautiful. Maybe she was something in between people like them and people like me.

The reason is that I went in blind, and so should you. Initially ,I thought it was very much like Comfort Food , particularly the conditioning. But then it became much much more. This one shows you how the monster was born. And not only that, it is well written.

The words flow, creating these deeply written characters.

My Top Ten Dark Reads

Vesper for one, is a sweet girl. Used to taking care of people but never really feeling taken care of. But every part of me wants it. To feel so strongly desired. To be cared for.